Better Than Bitcoin for Billions

  Why are BitMinutes better than bitcoin for billions?


  BitMinutes have a number of significant advantages over Bitcoin:

Identification: BitMinutes embed identity attributes, while Bitcoin does not. All BMT tokens include KYC and meet global Anti-Money Laundering standards.

Tracking: BitMinutes allow for transparency and auditability, from issuance through usage. This includes whether a BMT is consumed by conversion into prepaid minutes or cash, or used as micro-lending collateral.

Global Standards: BitMinutes are based on global banking standards (ISO 20022). This makes BMTs easily transferable between existing global clearing networks (SWIFT, MasterCard) and emerging blockchains (Ripple, Ethereum).

Customization: BitMinutes can be white labeled encouraging third party issuance by large global networks such as the telecommunications carriers with over 4 billion clients.

Currency Liquidity: We will be releasing an affiliate and commission free secure online exchange to facilitate the worldwide trading of BMT tokens. And, BMT tokens are redeemable through a global money transfer network powered by P2P Cash.

Currency Stability: BitMinutes has established a Treasury function to keep currency volatility to a minimum.




                     How can I buy BitMinutes?

You can buy BMTs using Bitcoin, Ether or USD by bank check or bank wire.

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